SOLD OUTA Budding Passion

Limited Edition Giclée on canvas

43 x 22 inches
Edition size: 375
Plus 85 Artist Proofs
All signed and numbered by the artist

The cork pops, the wine begins to sparkle, anticipation builds as glasses are poured and passed. The tiny bubbles signal celebration and new beginnings, even if only for as long as the Champagne lasts. “A Budding Passion” explores the nuances of a piece of art within the art itself. The painted flowers intertwine on a field of transparent green glass, tempting us into a trompe l'oeil fiction that Arvid continues with his masterful realism.

Thomas Arvid's passion for painting and for wine has grown over the past decade of his artistic exploration. He believes that each day at the easel brings a finer eye and stronger hand. “When I sit down to paint, I learn something everyday.”