Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas

43 x 30 inches
Edition size: 375
Plus 85 Artist Proofs
All signed and numbered by the artist

The end of an evening is full of choices for wine drinkers, the inevitable question arises – “should we open another bottle?” Arvid presents an elegant solution in “Any Port,” with an amazing selection of ports that begs the question “which one?”

Port is an excellent pairing for contemplation – of life and of artwork. The cool tones of the wood and contrast of the textures: paper, glass, liquid and wood are nicely balanced by the warmth of the wine and our memories of enjoying it.

Arvid's fresh take on an ancient subject mirrors the consideration he has for finely aged wine. He strives to bridge the gap of appreciating older wines by portraying them in an unfussy way and in casual settings – the way that we enjoy them.