Limited Edition Sculpture

20 ¾ x 8 ¼ x 8 ¼ inches
Edition size: 325
Each sculpture is hand-painted

Arvid adds a third dimension to his body of work with the first in his series of sculptures, “Cork Envy.” Working with clay, he creates the mold and casts the model in resin. The resin sculpture is then hand-painted to capture the delicate beauty and detail of the wine-stained cork. Ideally suited for the wine enthusiast, “Cork Envy” can be displayed vertically, horizontally, grouped together in the cellar, or anywhere friends gather to enjoy a glass of wine and dream about the bounty a bottle matching this cork’s size would contain.

Like any true artist, Arvid continuously challenges himself to explore new mediums and create new forms: “I’m passionate about painting in a new perspective. I try to enhance the most intriguing aspects so that others can see with my eyes. Creating sculpture is a lot of fun because it brings the elements in my paintings off the canvas and into life.”