SOLD OUTRight Place, Right Time

“Right Place, Right Time” Hors Commerce
Magnum Edition
Embellished Giclèe on Canvas

60 x 30 inches
Edition size: 40
All signed and numbered by the artist

“Right Place, Right Time,” celebrates the times when great friends get together to share a special bottle of wine. Arvid explains: “When you buy a special bottle of wine you always look forward to the time when you’ll open it – who will be there, where you’ll be. An amazing bottle is as much about whom you’re with as the wine itself; it’s about being in the right place, at the right time.”

For the last decade, Thomas Arvid has created stunningly realistic, larger-than-life oil paintings that capture a familiar and delicious subject- wine and the pleasure that it brings to our lives. A self-taught artist and self-proclaimed wine fanatic, Arvid depicts "the landscape between people drinking wine together." Inspired by the fabulous wines and the gracious living of Napa Valley, Arvid portrays a lifestyle where wine is both accessible and phenomenal.