Sign Me Down

Limited Edition Giclèe on Canvas

43 x 15.75 inches
Edition size: 375
Plus 85 Artist Proofs
All signed and numbered by the artist

Using a deceptively simple composition, Thomas Arvid once again elevates an everyday moment into a vivid memory with “Sign Me Up.” Without any formal presentation, the arrangement of glass, wood and steel creates a balance of texture and positive and negative space that beguiles the viewer to enter the scene and linger there. We have experienced this casual moment before, but Arvid invites us to step in and visually explore it. The deep red and soft wax capsule contrast with the cool blue of the background and the reflective crystal vies with the warm wood; even the lettering on the bottles is an exploration of contrast between the sharp lines and curving script. We are so engrossed in the scene that we call “Sign Me Up.”

Arvid has a knack for distilling a moment into a lasting impression. He lives his life the way he creates his compositions: with a passion for crafting a moment without pretense. Despite the demands of his busy career and active family, he manages to slow down and savor each moment in a way that creates a lasting memory and endears him to all he encounters. In Arvid world, every day offers an opportunity to craft a masterpiece, in life and on canvas.