SOLD OUTUnplugged

Limited Edition Giclèe on Canvas

32 x 32 inches
Edition size: 375
Plus 85 Artists Proofs
All signed and numbered by the artist

In this seemingly chaotic arrangement of corks, Thomas Arvid illustrates his mastery of composition. Capturing the randomly scattered corks in a balance of texture, color and detail, Arvid introduces us to the world of wine in a way that is both extraordinary and accessible. From the glistening chrome that holds near-photographic reflections, to the subtle differences in the shades of the corks, “Unplugged” resonates with a beauty imparted a skilled hand.

Self-taught and trained, Thomas Arvid has developed his skills over years of practicing and painting. He encourages other artists to follow their own direction and inspiration, forging ahead to fulfill their dreams. Following his own advice has served him well, Arvid is widely recognized as one of the most talented fine artists in the country.