SOLD OUTA Notch Above

“Show Only Edition Giclée on canvas

31 x 31 inches
Edition size: 125
All signed and numbered by the artist

“Years ago, I donated one of my paintings to a charitable auction and the person who bought it actually gave it back to me! He was a budding winemaker in the process of making his first vintage and wanted to make a trade: ‘when my wine is ready, I want you to paint it.’ Two years passed and I finally got an invitation to Sloan Vineyards. As soon as I experienced the first taste, I knew this had to be a special piece. The fine detail of craftsmanship and commitment to excellence in the wine inspired me to create ‘A Notch Above.’”

- Arvid

Just as a fine wine becomes more refined, Arvid’s art continues to evolve through the complexity and mastery of his skill. Arvid shares not only a passion for wine but also a deep connection to the winemakers he admires since both embody a high quality of craftsmanship. Working in layers, Arvid can take from three months up to a year to complete one of his elaborately detailed oil paintings. Like the first taste of a much anticipated vintage of wine, each of his masterpieces is well worth the wait.