Limited Edition Sublimation on Metal

18 x 36"
Edition size: 45
All signed and numbered by the artist

With subtle details rendered larger than life, “Unstoppable” is a monument to the wine experience and the permanence of those pleasures in life that are truly worthwhile. The buttery, buoyant texture of freshly-pulled corks is given a bold, sculptural quality when carved in paint by Arvid’s masterful hand while the deep background of black serves as a backdrop to an enduring tribute that we will return to again and again.

Art and wine alike are lasting testaments to pleasure and enjoyment, and no combination of the two mediums evokes that quite as well as the relationship between Arvid and Silver Oak Cellars. After over fifteen years spent celebrating with every new Release Day, Silver Oak and Arvid represent true hallmarks of the world of art and wine and will continue to thrive for years to come.